Award Categories & Criteria

Award Sectors

  • Government
  • Private (including semi-government and government owned entities).

Award Categories

  • Governance, Risks & Controls.
  • IT & Cyber Crime.
  • Fraud.

Award Criteria

Innovation (20%)

  • Extent of Innovation such as (but not limited to); Internal Audit Processes, Organization Structure, Method/Approach, Software, Knowledge, Reporting.
  • Innovation resulting in value addition to the business.
  • Innovation empowering employees.

Successful Structured Implementation (20%)

  • Documentation of Processes, Communication & subsequent Implementation across all levels.
  • Implementation of The International Professional Practices Framework (The IPPF) and Compliance.

Benefits to Internal Audit Department (30%)

(Results of Minimum 1 Year)
  • Effective use of IA resources.
  • Reduced audit cycle time.
  • Tangible cost savings.
  • Improvement in Quality of processes.
  • Employee Satisfaction.
  • Communication & Adaptability to changing organizational needs.
  • Audit related benchmarking.

Benefits to Organization (30%)

(Results of Minimum 1 Year)
  • Effective utilization of resources.
  • Tangible cost savings.
  • Improvement in Communication and Quality of Organizational processes.
  • Effective mitigation of risks.
  • Stakeholder surveys such as (but not limited to); Board, Audit Committee, Management and Employees.


  • “I strongly believe that internal audit best practice award is the place for every internal audit department, it can shows its innovation in implementing the IIA standards, applying new solutions and meeting stakeholders expectations. We are living in the information era, sharing your experience will ultimately helping in developing our internal audit profession.”

    - Ayman Abdelrahim - - Chief Internal Auditor, Roads & Transport Authority -

  • It is an honor for Etisalat UAE to be the Overall Winner of the ‘Best Practice Award in Internal Audit’ for the private sector. This award will encourage organizations to share their best practices, innovations and expertise. I am sure that other IIA chapters around the globe shall take a lead from this initiative for a global platform.

    - Nadeem Asghar - - Head of Internal Audit Department – Etisalat UAE -

  • Remarkable first time event by UAE-IAA giving an opportunity to all Auditors to share their creative / best practices across the industry with lots of learning. It also provided a chance to network with the right people. The Best Practices in Internal Audit Award is a great morale booster in the region for the profession.

    - Rajesh Verma, Sr. VP, Head of Audit - - Audit, Fraud & Compliance Group (AFCG) - Mashreq Bank -

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